Terms and Conditions for Remote Monitoring

Responsibility of DRW Associates:

Auto Call Home Server configuration and availability.  Modem configuration and security, Verizon data service, static IP address and port assignment.

We provide the email server, monitoring for blacklisting, bounce backs, spam and other reputation and diagnostic monitoring.  Our text messaging server supports all domestic carriers.

24/7 monitoring of our servers to ensure that our host systems are functioning properly.  Scheduled downtime only occurs after hours.

Modems and seismographs are secured from the open internet.  If you wish to connect directly, it requires a static IP address.  Please reach out to your IT dept. and have them contact us for access.

Remote monitoring setup – If the website form has been filled out and the seismograph is online, we will configure the unit as requested.

Your Responsibilities

Site Survey –  Before installing the monitoring equipment, we recommend a site visit for checking to see if AC power is available or if the monitoring site has a direct view of the sun during peak hours.  Check for Verizon cell service and we will help you determine the best antenna type or booster.  Check to see if the site is secure.

It is your responsibility to ensure that a reliable power source is maintained.  Make sure the seismograph and modem are powered on with a fully charged battery before installing the equipment.  The Micromate charging light should be orange or green and the external voltage should be above 12 volts.   Ensure the seismograph and the modem are powered constantly by connecting an AC adapter, external battery, or solar panel.  We recommend a 100 amp hour or larger AGM battery for up to 1 month of 24/7 monitoring, a solar panel can extend this time indefinitely if set up properly and maintained along with a healthy battery.

Provide DRW Assoc. with information listed on the “Remote Monitoring Setup Form”.  A QR code is provided on each Powercase rental for easy setup, the direct link is at https://drwalter.com/remote-vibration-and-sound-monitoring/

Configuration of Micromate seismographs. 

You may wish to configure the setup file yourself.  Be sure to use histogram combo mode with no less than 1 minute histogram interval.  Please specify on the remote monitoring form if you would like for us to configure these settings for you.

Schedule – We will configure the Micromate schedule for you.  DO NOT enable this feature yourself on the Micromate without reading the user manual first.

Sensor check – must ensure all geophones are installed according to manufacturer and ISEE field installation guidelines. Sensor check should pass on all channels including the Microphone, or disable this channel if microphone is not in use.

Ensure the seismograph is connected to the modem.  If using a Micromate, make sure that the modem type is set to Generic, baud rate is 115200, and auto call home is enabled.

Make sure that 3G signal strength is -90 or stronger, 4G LTE coverage should be -105 or stronger.  The modem’s signal indicator light (2nd) should be solid green or orange.

Test call home – Press start monitor, wait for sensor check, then press cancel once.  The screen will show “call home connecting” then “call home data transfer”  After approx. 1 minute, the screen will return to ready to monitor.  If everything is configured properly, you will receive an email or text notification.

Pile Driving – If monitoring a pile driving operation, we will need to know so that the unit doesn’t endlessly trigger without notification.  We recommend having a person on-site when working close enough to trigger the seismograph.

 When Installing rented equipment in the field, protect them from low lying flood areas, foot traffic, construction equipment, disturbance, and secure it from vandalism & theft.  Check with your insurance provider to ensure that adequate coverage is in place.

Once the above steps are completed and the call home test is successful, you will start receiving daily notifications, **If you stop receiving them at the scheduled monitoring stop time, you will need to let us know so that we can help troubleshoot the issue.  Send us an email and we will look into it for you.


Our Client Owned Remote Monitoring Service includes email support and up to 2 remote monitoring form configuration changes are included per month.    Phone and Additional support will be charged at $75/hr at 1/2 hr minimum increments.  Seismograph rentals include unlimited support time as well as phone, email and text messaging support during normal business hours.

Invoices are issued on the last day of each calendar month and cover the period of rental during that month

Invoiced monthly rental charges are pro-rated daily with a minimum 2 week rental.

Charges for additional hourly support will be included on the following monthly invoice.

 Payment is due within 30-days of the invoice date.  Credit terms may be adjusted to pre-pay and a credit card will be kept on file if 30 day terms are not possible.