ABOUT DRW Associates

Joel Kurtz
Vibration and sound monitoring, consulting with over 20 years of industry experience
Nathan Coovert
Equipment sales, rental and service with over 15 years of Industry experience
Kyle Varner
Field Specialist
Katherine Schiciano
Marketing Manager
Kim Coovert
Accounts Receivable, Equipment Service

About DRW Associates:  Since 1946, Dr. Edward J. Walter & Associates, Inc. has been providing clients with a broad range of seismic and acoustic services. Founded by E.J. Walter, Ph.D. DRW employs people intimately familiar with seismology, geophysics, acoustics, mining, heavy construction and explosives technology. The typical client base includes Federal and State agencies, municipalities, contractors, mining companies, engineering firms, blasting companies, heavy industry, insurance companies, homeowners, litigators, etc.  Dr. Edward J. Walter & Associates, Inc. (DRW Associates) operates a fleet of over 150 seismographs and associated equipment.

  • 1946 Our Company was Established
  • 1989 Dr. E.J. Walter began providing monitoring services
  • 1989 We became an Instantel Distributor
  • 1993 The 1st Series III -Minimate Plus and Blastware III seismographs were available. They are so reliable that they are still in use today.
  • 2014 The Newest Model Series III replacement was available.
  • 2015 The Powercase remote monitoring Micromate system was first available.
  • 2021 Providing vibration and sound monitoring equipment within 24 hours to construction projects nationwide.