Micromate Schedule: How to Troubleshoot.

The Instantel Micromate Schedule can be configured by using Thor or Blastware. Don’t enable it on the Micromate without knowing how it was last setup through the software as this can lead to misconfiguration.

After you start monitoring, if your Micromate continues to say “scheduler running” after approx. 30 seconds, the unit is likely NOT in monitoring mode.  To fix this you’ll need to ensure that the scheduler has only a single “Start Monitoring” entry at the beginning of the day, we recommend that you add a “Stop Monitoring” entry at the end of the day or once per week.  We recommend that this is verified in Thor.

Autocall home entries are not typically needed in the scheduler, and may prevent the Micromate from monitoring correctly.   The Micromate schedule’s “Start Monitoring” entry must match the setup file that you want to use, deleting the setup file will NOT prevent the scheduler from using an old or deleted setup file.  Be careful using the scheduler, otherwise you could be out of compliance and your email alerts could contain the wrong client or job notes.  

If you’re not sure what to do then keep the scheduler disabled, enabling it on the Micromate screen doesn’t show what setup file is used so either connect through Thor, or keep it disabled until you can verify what setup file its using. If you’re not sure how to set this up we’d be happy to walk you through it or help you verify you’re settings. Contact Us

Our Instantel Micromate rentals are pre-configured to use the active setup file on the seismograph. Be sure to overwrite the setup file each time you make a change. If you give the setup file a new name and the schedule is active, it will continue to use the old setup file. This is the most common mistake that’s made. For additional troubleshooting information, be sure to read our support page.

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