Instantel Vibration Monitoring Equipment for Sale

We have Instantel Minimate and Micromate vibration monitoring equipment for rent and for sale. Since DRW Associates is one of the largest Instantel seismograph dealers in the United States, we are often able to provide the most competitive pricing on Instantel Minimate and Micromate seismographs, geophones, geotechnical sensors and accessories for sale. Contact us for a quote today.

If you have a specific part that you’re looking for, or you need a custom system for a difficult monitoring project, we can build it for you. If you’re looking to build your own remote monitoring system, we’d be happy to provide you with a list of parts needed as well as pricing.

Our remote construction vibration monitoring equipment is available for rent and for sale. We build remote monitoring systems like the Powercase and Security Enclosures in-house. We also sell wiring harnesses, solar panels and low power modems so that you can complete your own design or customize ours.

If you’re looking for a DIY or custom system for your vibration monitoring project, we can give you a quote or talk to you about what we suggest in order to make your system as reliable as possible.

We primarily sell Instantel Micromate seismographs for vibration monitoring projects. However, if you need a Minimate Plus, Series III or Minimate Pro seismograph, please let us know and we can either rent or sell them to you. We have Instantel equipment such as the Micromate, Minimate Plus and Minimate Pro geophones for sale as well.