Instantel Auto Call Home Test


  1. remote monitoringWhen deploying a Powercase or remote monitoring Micromate for Instantel Auto Call Home, be sure to fill out our remote monitoring form at this link.
  2. An auto call home test should be performed while on-site with the Instantel Micromate or Minimate seismograph. Auto Call Home and Blastware Mail systems are generally ready to answer incoming calls from your seismograph.  This connection can be tested on Instantel Micromates by pressing cancel from an active monitoring session, or on a Minimate plus by holding the right arrow and setups, then pressing enter until you see the call home options.
  3. All modems are secured on Verizon’s network, if you need to directly access your seismograph or modem voltage, you can provide us with your office’s static IP address and we will provide you with secure access.  Otherwise, you can request this information from us.
  4. We recommend using Thor for Micromates and Blastware to configure Series III (Minimate Plus or Blastmate III) units.  Auto call home works with both programs, however you should refer to the user manual or contact us if you’d like assistance setting this up.  All rental units are pre-configured by us before you receive them, which makes installation as simple as possible.
  5. If you own your own Instantel Minimate Plus or Micromate and you’d like to add remote monitoring we can help you with that.
  6. If you already own a modem, we can build it into a Powercase enclosure for you.
  7. Additional information can be found at our Support Page. Be sure to Contact Us if you have any other questions.