Engineering Seismographs

2.2 Engineering seismographs shall be capable of measuring vibration levels from 0.02 to 10 inches per second, at frequencies from 2 to 200 Hz, and of continually recording readings for a period of 24 hours.

If you’re looking for recommendations on how to comply with this specification call or email us.

We rent and sell vibration and sound monitoring seismographs that are able to comply with any specification that you may come across for your project.

We recommend using Instantel Micromate or Instantel Minimate engineering seismographs with ISEE geophones for most vibration monitoring projects in the United States. Please confirm that your specification meets the frequency range of the ISEE geophone by comparing it to the table below.

Engineering Seismographs such as the Instantel Micromate in a remote monitoring Powercase.
Engineering Seismograph with ISEE Geophone
ISEE Geophone
Product NameISEE GeophoneDIN GeophoneSwedish Blasting GeophoneSwedish Pile Driving Geophone
Compliance StandardISEE 2011 EditionDIN 45669-1 Class 1SS4604866, 2011SS025211
Frequency Range2 to 250 Hz1 to 315 Hz5 to 300 Hz2 to 150 Hz
Measurement RangeUp to 10 in/sUp to 10 in/s0.039 TO 9.84 in/s0.0039 TO 0.98 in

More from Instantel: “The Micromate triaxial Geophones measure ground vibration in three planes: vertical, transverse and longitudinal. There are four geophones compatible with the Micromate monitoring unit. Each geophone measures a unique frequency range conforming to standards such as the ISEE, DIN, Swedish blasting and Swedish pile driving specifications. For easy identification, the geophone lids are color-coded by standard.

Engineering seismographs like the Micromate with ISEE geophones measure ground vibrations induced by construction, blasting, mining, quarry and other operations. Since these vibrations can cause damage to property and structures, local, state and federal regulations govern the levels of vibration these activities can create. Monitoring the vibration levels with an Instantel geophone can help you adjust your vibration inducing activities before these limits are reached and concerns develop. It can also serve as a record to protect you against future claims and liability.

Each geophone is designed with an aluminum housing that stands up to the toughest conditions. The geophone can be bolted directly to hard surfaces or it can be spiked into a soft surfaces. The geophone connects directly to the color-coded geophone port on the Micromate monitoring unit and comes in cable lengths of 2m or 5m. While these cable lengths are standard, Instantel also offers custom cable lengths up to 1000 meters.” Be sure to to an engineering seismograph like the Instantel Micromate that complies with your specifications.